4 thoughts on “2012 PGA Merchandise Show

  1. What an awesome week it was. Thanks to Scotty and Hank for stocking
    the Table Rock booth full of goodies for us and taking time out of
    your schedules. It was only my 4th PGA show but I plan on attending
    many more.

  2. Scotty, great to see both you and Hank at the show. Thanks for your
    time. I had a blast seeing all my TCC friends, chatting with the
    Butler family and checking out all the new gear in the world of
    golf. Best wishes for 2012 and see you & crew again in August!

  3. Tablerock and Scotty were 1st Class at the PGA show as always! They
    had fantastic, COOL, stuff that never got old looking at. I have
    been going now for 16 straight years and Scotty gets better each
    and every year. Already looking forward to 2013! But…….I know
    there will be a lot of cool stuff that will be created in 2012.
    thanks Scotty…. cleve

  4. scotty, thanks for the chat and taking time for a photograph with
    liz and i….the victorious long sleeve shirt is awesome , and so
    was the story about her creation and your secretarys caution…..

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