Coming Spring ’12 | Scotty Cameron Select

As we progress into a new year, my focus has narrowed and my attention to detail has become keener. I’ve been working on something new, putters that move me and excite me. Milled creations that encompass the design aesthetics developed from over two decades of putter making. This spring, I’ll introduce Scotty Cameron Select. Dark, bold and mysterious. Sleeker and better in every way. With this line, I wanted to create my most modern putters to date, but retain the classic style and timeless designs upon which my brand has been built. The putter is the golfer’s instrument to create measurable success on every hole. With the Select line, I’m confident that you’ll be putting with the finest milled putters I can possibly make to inspire success in your game.

Click on the image above to see more images of the new Select line

24 thoughts on “Coming Spring ’12 | Scotty Cameron Select

  1. Awesome! Pics have looked great everywhere, but is there anyway we
    can see a pic of the sole? Seems like none of the pictures shown so
    far has a picture of the sole.

  2. Hey Scotty , Can you tell me which models will be available for us
    LEFTIES ? Thanks Dan

  3. Fantastic… the new Select line is going to be a big hit this
    year! Can’t wait to get my hands on the Newport. Thanks for the
    slideshow :-) Kris

  4. Hi Scotty, the new line looks awesome. The graphics on the sole are
    very nice, they look very High Performance. Congratulations on a
    super cool line.

  5. Sharp looking line up. Very excited personally about all of the
    available designs. I wish Scotty all the best in hopes that he will
    be able to keep creating art like this for years to come! Thanks
    again for providing only the best putters in the world.

  6. Love it Scotty! Very nice line of putters, love the black finish.
    Already trying to convince the wife why I need to buy this putter!

  7. Thanks Scotty these new Selects really look awesome, can’t wait to
    get my hands on that Notchback, I’m hoping that they will also be
    sporting the Pistolero Grips.

  8. congrats Scotty, the new line looks amazing. when is the official
    release date?

  9. Now I have to clean the drool from my keyboard! Absolutely amazing!
    Will there be a Midslant Newport 2 by any chance? I cannot wait to
    bring the Newport 2 home…uh…and the Newport

  10. 10! 10! 10! 10! 10! Perfect score on all accounts! These look
    great! With the black finish on the Select line will lthe Custom
    shop begin to offer a refurbish option for this finish?? I have a
    black tour Rat that I have noticed the leading edge on the sole is
    loosing the black and I am hoping I can send it in soon to the spa
    for some TLC and a new coat of Black. Thanks Scottty!! Happy New
    Year to you and the crew….

  11. I really like the new black finish. I play the Newport 2.6 so I
    hope you make that style part of your new line. I’ll definitely
    purchase one.

  12. Will be the coolest and hope the greatest putter this year!! Great
    job, one glance and I’d buy it. Can’t wait!

  13. Hi Scotty, I was wondering when they will be available in Canada. I
    am ready to order one right now! I have been playing with the
    Newport 2 putter for 8 years. I am looking to upgrade. Thank you,

  14. Hi Scotty, was looking to get the new California Del Mar, but love
    the black finish. Will you be releasing a black Del Mar version?

  15. I had just purchase Newport 1.5 putter and I would to know where I can buy additional change out weights ?

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