Rory McIlroy’s Cameron & Co. Newport GSS

Titleist Brand Ambassador Rory McIlroy put his Cameron & Co. Newport GSS putter in brilliant Chromatic Bronze to excellent use to win the 2011 U.S. Open. What many may not know is that he has had this putter in his practice bag since the 2010 WGC match play in Tucson. He saw another player’s and fancied its setup. So, of course, I made one for him.

Click on the image above to launch the slideshow.

Rory’s putter specs:

  • 34″ finished length
  • 350g headweight
  • Deep milled face
  • Chromatic Bronze finish
  • RORS face toe stamp
  • 71° lie
  • 3.5° loft
  • Custom Shop Black/Gold Mid-Size grip

4 thoughts on “Rory McIlroy’s Cameron & Co. Newport GSS

  1. great putter, great win and a great guy….thanks for sharing the pics. BTW, his headcover looked pretty cool as well.

  2. Thanks for showing us, up close, what a champion uses to win an Open! Cool pics too. He sure put on a show, and what an up/down on 18 Sunday.

  3. Any plans for a Rory Mcllroy Inspired by putter? Seems like it has been a while since you have made an IB putter.

  4. Congrats to Rory and Scotty! Huge wins for both of you and I am
    sure we are going to see many more to follow!

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