Geoff Ogilvy @ The Putter Studio Today

The best in the business spend lots of time working to be the best. Take for instance long-time Putter Studio friend and Titleist Brand Ambassador Geoff Ogilvy. He’s been a Newport-style putter player for years. Something about the shape suits his eye and stroke. Don’t show him a Newport 2. They just don’t work for him. At Doral he pulled a 009 from the Tour bag and found a connection. Now, he’s in the Studio tinkering to dial in a new 009 to his exact specs. He may just leave with two 009s…They’re working on one in GSS and the other raw carbon, no finish.

Click the picture above to see a bit of Geoff’s visit to the Studio.

5 thoughts on “Geoff Ogilvy @ The Putter Studio Today

  1. Yes. It’s a Tour-only model. Also called a Button Back due to the three screws in the cavity that hold the Teryllium inlay in place. T10 signifies the tenth anniversary of my 1997 introduction of the Teryllium putters.

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