Custom Shop Key FOB Stamping Available

Click on the image above to enlarge the sample Key FOB picture.

If you’d like to personalize your 2011 Club Cameron Key FOB with your initials, the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop is ready and willing to accept orders. The minimum Custom Shop charge applies ($45), Key FOBs will only be stamped with two characters with periods (as shown above; straight, no dancing) in the location displayed. Black is the only option for paintfill. No exceptions.

If you’d like to send your Key FOB for Custom Shop personalization, please complete the order form found on Enter “Club Cameron Key FOB” under Putter, then click the Initials box under Personalization and enter the two characters you’d like us to stamp. Complete the checkout and send us your Key FOB. Give the Custom Shop a call at (760) 591-9720 M-F 8am – 5pm PSTĀ if you have any questions!

4 thoughts on “Custom Shop Key FOB Stamping Available

  1. This makes a cool idea even better. Nothing cooler then something you will use everyday that is personalized to boot!

  2. How can I order another Fob – my little one dropped Daddy’s keys and it got a big nick on it….darn it!

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