2011 R&D Proto Concept 1 | “Tour Rat”

A “rat rod” is a street-tough custom car built from all sorts of parts and ideas creating a unique beast of a machine. The “Tour Rat” is a combination of ideas mixed together into one hot rod of a putter. For 20 years, I’ve refined, re-tooled and re-engineered the Classic 1 putter design, creating souped up Newports, 009s and more. The Tour Rat is the my latest concept, ready to roll out this week on Maui and throughout the worldwide professional golf tours in 2011. Introducing my R&D Proto Concept 1, playfully nicknamed the “Tour Rat”.

Click on the image above to see the slideshow. Enjoy!

27 thoughts on “2011 R&D Proto Concept 1 | “Tour Rat”

  1. Scotty, I need you to make one of these for me sooooooo bad. My favorite ice hockey player was Kenny Linseman (The Rat) who played for the Phila, Flyers. I was a Ice hockey player in H.S. then played Juniors until a bad knee injury cancelled my hockey days. But what that did was lead me to another great game called GOLF! I need to get this beauty in my bag as this would be my gamer for life!! Great Job Scotty!

  2. The toe and heel areas of the sole appear to be beveled. As in, the bevel seems more pronounced towards the face.

    Am I seeing things?

    Thanks for the peek.


  3. What a beautiful concept Scotty! I know all of us are wondering so I’ll go ahead and ask – What’s the plan for this putter, how many will be produced and will this be Tour only?

    Thanks for everything that you do!

  4. it makes me want to grow my rat tail like I had in the 80’s… the best of both worlds since I enjoy the NP line… this would be my gamer until i couldn’t game anymore.. Looking forward to adding this one to my line.


  5. Is this putter going to be a special release, or maybe an OTR…perhaps to CC members? Maybe just the headcover???

  6. WOW what a start for 2011!
    Nice headshape, looking forward to hit some balls with this model somtime in the future. Please let us know what the Pros have to say about the R&D proto concept! Love the headcover as well, it’s now on my shopping list 😉


  7. I LOVE IT!!!

    Great putterhead with a nice shape and one of the coolest headcovers I know. The weights are sick.
    Hope to become a OTR, then he will be on my list and the headcover too.


  8. can you please send me one Mr. Cameron

    email me and i will give you my home address :)

  9. Hold the phones! I think I’m in love……………. or lust…………………. or both…………………


  10. I love EVERYTHING Scotty. We need more Laguna models in the different series putters. On the East Coast, the Laguna flies off the shelves. Especially the 1.5. It is the best putter ever made. I bought the Pro Platinum out of a catalog without seeing it in real life. I still to this day have never seen one on the shelf used or new.
    Thank You Scotty, and Thank You Brad Faxon!

  11. i like it! i just got a golf rat (rat fink) tatoo, now i need this tour rat headcover! Nice……….

  12. I really like the look of the design and the shape of the putter is better. more like the old Scotty Cameron.
    what is in store for 2011? I think the black oxide would look good!

  13. Looks to be a true classic with a long shelf life with the players. Lines look a bit softer, then the Newport. I do like the look of the hosel, it is actually very sharp and angular, not as rounded as some of the other Newport style heads. I hope it brings you much success. Is the 5 star weight pattern the same as the current line of selects or has that been changed a touch? Nice cover, it reminds me of the Frankie Avalon and Annette Beach movies with the Rat Pack. A great looking street rod to roll on any green, kind of like a classic GTO or Shelby! Since we are both the same age, I know you can appreciate that. See you soon. Marc

  14. Looks awesome Scotty. Can’t wait to buy and try one out! It sounds like its going to be a big hit. I can’t make it to the PGA show so hopefully I’ll see you at the 2011 ICC. Hope all is well.

  15. Thanks for a great visit! The “pink rat” that made the journey to the midwest is already pouring putts in….including a make from off the green on 18 at Barona that cost me the press! Thanks for everything and keep up the good work. See you soon.

  16. This is the best putter i have ever gamed! Congratulations on this fantastic concept! Since early this week I am the proud owner of a tour rat and just love it! It games wonderful and the setup is amazing! Thank you for having created this beautiful rat!

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