2010 Canadian Cameron Convention

We received some great pictures (click image above) and captions from Dan Horrigan. Here’s a note from HoHo himself:

“Well, the 2010 CCC is now in the books, and for a third straight year, it continues to grow.¬†On September 10th and 11th, Niagara Falls was the spectacular backdrop for the 3rd annual¬†celebration of “all things Scotty”, north of the 49th. And there was a great turnout from Cameron collectors from both sides of the border!”

Here are some pictures, enjoy!

7 thoughts on “2010 Canadian Cameron Convention

  1. Thanks to everybody who showed up to our little party and especially Dan (HOHO) and Adam (Lumpy 11) for doing all the hard work and putting it together.Bigger and Better next year.And Scotty you can come up to.

  2. Hey Tommy ,
    The 2010 Canadian Cameron convention was held just outside of Niagara Falls , in St. Catherines.
    The location for the 2011 CCC is yet to be determined , for more details keep an eye on TCC in the
    new year.

    Thanks again for the continued support of Scotty and the entire studio , as well as all those that attend and make it the great event it is !


  3. Hey Mark ,

    Anyone looking to attend future Canadian Cameron Conventions can contact me through TCC ,
    my screen name is (HOHO) or via email at … danhorrigan@hotmail.com

    Thanks for the interest in the event …

  4. how much is a headcover or to get a putter customized at these collector conventions

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