Living the Lifestyle

I’ve always said that golf brings different worlds together, creating a lifestyle that people from all walks of life can enjoy. Think about one of the top surfers in the world punting massive airs, pulling into throaty barrels, making it all look like second-nature, only to dry off, head home, lace ’em up and go play a round. It’s happening every day with cross-over athletes in all sorts of arenas — moto, surf, skate, snow, baseball, etc. They all have one thing in common: Everyone likes to tee it up.

Putter Studio friend Julian Wilson (pictured above rocking the Scotty Dog sticker on his board) is one of this new crop of young athletes who see beyond their professions and find time to enjoy the game of golf, as well.

Julian recently won the Sri Lankan Airlines Pro and is releasing his new movie next month (nearly two years in the making). You really have to check it out, surfer and non-surfer alike. Take a look at this webisode (of course there’s a nice putter shot in there, too =).

I’m going to bring you more “lifestyle” portraits going forward. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for tuning in. –Scotty