Hot Head Harry

Golf is a game of yin and yang. Our mood can swing from happy to frustrated in the stroke of a putt. With that reality, I came up with a character called Hot Head Harry. He’s that part of us that surfaces when things aren’t going as planned. He also makes an appearance on 100 of the 2,010 Augusta, Georgia headcovers we released to Club Cameron Members yesterday in the Studio Store on

Click on the image above to see some of the sketches that ended up becoming the character, and eventually made it onto a select few headcovers. In the final shot, you’ll also see the very first HHH prototype headcover that I signed and threw into the headcover distribution completely at random. Let us know if it shows up in your shipment!

Enjoy the golf this week!

18 thoughts on “Hot Head Harry

  1. I love it, Scotty! I’ve got my fingers crossed there’s one in my box of goodies from the Studio.


  2. Wow, I hope one of those greets me next week! I love the putterman cover, thanks so much for bringing an image that only graced the tour previously. Great run of items in this release.

  3. Scotty your 1/1 prototype is just awesome and I really hope that this beauty will find it’s way to Germany.


  4. Your visions are incredible! I can’t wait to receive my headcover and marker in the mail. Take care!

  5. Great to see Putterman and to be introduced to Hot Head Harry. Brilliant! VR,

  6. Very Nice! I have me fingers crossed that HHH makes his way to the east coast!

    Great job with this release Scotty!

    Hope you enjoy the Masters!

  7. Hilarious, I love the creativity and that you are still having fun coming up with these designs.

  8. Scotty, i was lucky enough to get a 1/100!!! my first one at that. such a cool cover! also the 1/1 has been found. a lucky TCC member. im sure he’ll post soon!

  9. Just opened my order today and was stoked to see hot head Harry looking at me. Thanks for making me the envy of me buddies at Canterwood C.C. in gig harbor Wa.

  10. This is sweet. Just opened my order and excited to see HHH. Great cover. This is a superb addition to my collection
    Awesome job Scotty.

  11. Just to clarify, are there 100 Hot Head Harry’s, plus the 1 prototype HHH, for a total of 101 special covers, or 99 HHH’s plus the prototype for a total of 100 special covers?

    Thanks for answering… for some people, it makes a difference.

  12. There are 99 HHH’s plus the signed prototype for a total of 100 special headcovers. Hope that clears it up!

  13. I got a Hot Head Harry –

    I cannot believe it – I am in awe –

    Not sure I want to game it!!!

    Thanks SC!!!!


  14. Didn’t have my fingers crossed, but I had my checkbook out! I love Harry, he looks great in my collection.

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