Flying Bull Dog

While TCC member SSgt. Travis L. Clark was deployed to Iraq, he received one of our Camo Bull Dog headcovers and placed it on the pitot of his F-16CJ Fighting Falcon. Pretty cool!

Click on the image below to see larger pictures.

5 thoughts on “Flying Bull Dog

  1. Those are some great pics. I bet Scotty never thought in a million years, that one of his covers would be on the tip of a f-16.

    Keep up the good work Travis, your service is greatly appreciated.

  2. Great pictures Travis
    Scotty you have to check out his “around the world ButtonBack” gamer on TCC

  3. Travis, thank you for your service!!!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures Scotty

  4. Sweet, got to Love that American Pride!!!

    Travis, be Safe & Thanks for all that You do for our Country =)

  5. Hey scotty just wondering, i had my putter in the custom shop around 6 months ago, with which you did a great job! but my head cover has begun to be a little dirty. How would u suggest cleaning the turbo blue custom shop head cover as to not spread the colors?

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