12 thoughts on “New Video: Putter & Headcover Display Racks

  1. The new racks are really nice!!! Love the design and the way the covers and putters are displayed :)
    But I think the shipping costs to Europe would be very expensive…….


  2. Gorgeous display cases!

    Please do not limited the number we can buy once available as I have a lot of covers that need to be displayed!



  3. Beautiful new display cases! Scotty, you’ve done it again! I like the fact that whether the case is a putter case or a HC case, they are the same dimension, same outward appearance. I can see lining up an entire wall of these great displays. Wonder if the glass is real or a high quality plexi-glass?

    Looking forward to seeing one in person down in Orlando!

    Thanks Scotty,

  4. Love the racks and the craftsmanship – too bad they’ll be way too expensive for most of us! Still Scotty’s outdone himself again!
    Dave B

  5. Scotty- Only You could come up with, a case with craftsmanship and design as this. GREAT JOB
    Hopefully will see You in Augusta, in April, at Steve’s shop. Keep up the Great Work!

    Thank Scotty
    Mike P.

  6. I would really like to have a case to display my headcovers, over 30 and counting. Any idea when they will be released? Or how one can purchase one? Thanks Scotty, Mitch

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