When Scotty Dogs Fly

Do you notice anything familiar in this recent Surfer Magazine cover shot featuring Putter Studio friend and aerial specialist/surf star Julian Wilson?

Take a closer look below…

He’s wearing one of our “underground” VIP-only Scotty Dog t-shirts. Nice. Just more proof that the world of golf — and Scotty Cameron putters — brings all sorts of people together. Good on ya, Julian! Thanks for your support.

Oh, and yeah…he landed it.

14 thoughts on “When Scotty Dogs Fly

  1. That’s so SWEET!!!! Congrats Scotty!! and Julian!!! Lucky!!! :)

    L.J. Yzaguirre
    Austin, TX

  2. Awesome cover shot!
    Way Cool to see Scotty’s brand make it to the waves…
    Perfect segway to the kickoff of the PGA year in Hawaii, home of killer surf and of course our beloved HULA GIRL release !!!

    Rave On

  3. That’s Sweet! Good to see that Scotty is everywhere! But bring back Putter of the Day on your website!

  4. Nice cover shot. Haven’t even received this issue yet…and he’s riding an Al Merrick CI. That was one of my favorite boards years ago.

  5. We will announce soon, as the winners have been contacted, but need to get back with us before we publish their names. Thanks!

  6. Are you trying the correct number to reach me, because I have sure not received notice that I won:)

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