Circle T Lost & Found

It’s not every day that you’ll find a Scotty Cameron Tour putter at a pawn shop for $20. You have even less of a chance of recovering a Tour putter that goes missing from your bag after a round.

So why this tale becomes Blog-worthy is that the truth is sometimes much stranger than fiction. Putter Studio friend, Tim Gillis, had this very scenario happen to him. When you get down to the details, the story is not only heart-warming but a legitimate head-scratcher of epic proportions.

Back in 2002, Tim came into possession of a very clean Tour Studio Design 1.5. I stamped his initials on the face and off he went. Tim gamed this beauty for a good six months all around San Diego. Then, one day while grabbing a bite after his round, the putter disappeared from his bag, which was left unattended outside the course grill. A major bummer, but one of those events in life that unfortunately happen.

So, Tim went about his business, put another putter in play and wrote that Tour putter off as gone for good. Until one day this past December.

He was on business in Plano, Texas with a few hours to kill. As an avid collector of golf clubs, he likes to check out pawn shops during his travels just to see what he may discover. On this particular day, the stars must’ve been smiling, because there in this obscure little pawn shop off the freeway in Plano sat his very putter. On sale for $20. Honest to gosh, his putter, his initials. The one.

What are the chances? When he brought this in to the Studio, we had to laugh. It’s such a great story. So, I put it into the Custom Shop for a complete restoration. Whoever had it for the past six years clearly didn’t take care of it. We cleaned it up and recently returned it to Tim, who said he’s most likely going to pick up where he and this putter left off and put it in play ASAP.

I bet he doesn’t let it out of his sight from now on.

Click on the image below to see some pictures of Tim’s Tour putter.

4 thoughts on “Circle T Lost & Found

  1. What an interesting story, thanks for sharing it with us!



  2. Scotty,

    Great story, amazing luck on his part. How come I never find a circle T at the pawn shop? I’ll keep looking and game my custom newport 1.5 in the mean time. Keep up the amazing work!

    PS Any sneak peek on a new cover? It is Open time after all….Hmmm…

  3. Thats a cool story.

    Me nd my dad picked up his red dot coronado two in similiar fashion we were at roger dunns golf stor efour years ago and in line to trade in old clubs guy ahead of us tries to trade in putter for cash they dont give cash only credit employee says i can give you 50 bucks credit for scotty cameron. My dad overheard and stepped in and said i have a 50 in my pocket for the club no idea knowing which scotty it was. We just got really lucky

  4. Well I have to say I am quite upset. I actually live in Plano, TX and want to know what pawn shop I need to go to to find a tour putter for $20. Any information would be helpful, if not its back to the drawing board to explain to the wife where all the money went :)

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