7 thoughts on “Damascus D-009 Putters

  1. The new putter is a sight for sore eyes. How do I get my hands on one? I would love to shoot 65 this baby in the bag.

  2. This is the most gorgeous putter I’ve ever seen…and usually I only use the word gorgeous to describe Eva Longoria. WOW!!!! Any chance of a future public release??? Please bring us these works of art.

  3. Scotty-san,

    Thank you for the great event.
    I played like a child for two days.

    And Damascus was very big surprise!!

    Timeless, garage, graffiti, 009, etc were really splendid.

    I meet you and was very very very happy two days.
    My excitement continues.

    Thank you for a ball tool and Clip Pivot Tool!!

    Thank’s Scotty-san and Fukuda-san and Hamamatsu seaside all staffs!


  4. Those are amazing putters! Did all 27 go to Japan? Do you plan to some sell in the states? Have you given any to tour players or friends?

    Keep up the awesome work!

  5. Scotty, Love the putters, love the new wallpaper! Thanks for keeping the passion alive. YOU DA MAN! ( ; Jeff

  6. Scotty, is the M&G keeping one of the Damascus as part of the collection? I will like to see it, in person, at the M&G when I return early next year.

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