5 thoughts on “Cult of Cameron Collecting

  1. Scotty-
    I was one of the 10 lucky people how recieved a OPEN cover with the SUB and 4-hearts, THANK YOU!!
    But I will admit,more cover then I needed, so knowing this craze I admitt to selling it on Ebay but… I donated 50% plus of the Auction to Childrens Hospital in Mpls MN,(when my daughter was born she needed life saving heart surgery at only 4-days old!, WOW did my life change!, she is know doing great and almost 1 years old) but if was a way of giving back, I hope you don’t mind


    …. the best yet IMO Scotty.

    I see these are available through Dec 31, 08.
    But is there a limited number you will make available as well… which ever comes first?

    One last question please: might you mix in a 1 of XX?

    Thanks again,

  3. Great story, nice to see some kudos from elsewhere in the World. Speaking from experience I can also vouch for a similar scenario, in relation to all things “Scotty” in Australia. There is definitely a big following Downunder.
    BTW the New Limited Full Grain Leather – Fruit Loops” HeadCover is definitely a winner and from what I have read on the TCC forum has already generated a lot of interest Worldwide. I think that this one may well be more popular that any of the other recent limited releases.

  4. They will be available on any order placed through 11:59pm on Dec. 31, 2008. And, you just never know about 1 of XX? =)

    All the best,

  5. Great article and right on the money. As a long time collector and user of Cameron putters and accessories, I can say that is always cool to wait for the next release. There is always something new and innovative, and even if does not fit my game or collection, I always find something to admire.

    Scotty you always have something for everyone and I thank you for it!

    Scotty, thanks for the work you do and keep it up. I will be waiting for the next release!



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