Studio Select Putter Line Extension

Thought I’d pass along some official Titleist putter information:

Tour-Validated Squareback 1, Fastback 1, Newport 2.6 and 2.7 Enhance Popular Putter Family

Fairhaven, MA (September 22, 2008)
– Scotty Cameron by Titleist putters are tour-proven instruments of uncompromised feel, looks and performance.  Notably prominent across the worldwide professional tours, Cameron putters have been the top choice of more players and more winners on the U.S. PGA TOUR for more than a decade.  As a market leader in the premium putter category, Titleist further solidifies its high performance product offering by enhancing its popular Studio Select family of putters with four new models.

The Fastback 1, Squareback 1, Newport 2.6 and Newport 2.7 extend the number of Studio Select putters to eight, all of which are precision milled with circular weights in the heel and toe that allows each model to be offered in five different length and weight combinations to fit any putting stroke or style.  This flexibility makes it easy for golfers to choose a Studio Select putter with the appearance they prefer, the length and weight they need, and a body and neck configuration that provides the proper amount of toe flow during the stroke.

“The four new additions to the Studio Select line are a combination of our work with players at the Putter Studio and on the practice greens across the worldwide professional tours,” said Scotty Cameron, Master Putter Designer, Titleist.  “We listen to their feedback and understand their preferences in a putter.  That is where we came up with the ideas for the mid mallet style Fastback and Squareback and the new neck options in the Newport 2.6 and 2.7.  All eight models now available in the Studio Select line have been used and validated at the highest levels of competition.  Most importantly, they instill confidence and work.”

Below is a description of each new putter:

Fastback 1: A modified Newport-style mid mallet design featuring a more compact head heel-to-toe with a rounded back flange and a double bend shaft with a half shaft of offset.  The Fastback is a near face-balanced putter with minimum toe flow.  Available in right hand only.

Squareback 1: A modified Newport-style mid mallet design featuring a more compact head heel-to-toe with a square back flange and a double bend shaft with a half shaft of offset.  The Squareback is a near face-balanced putter with minimum toe flow.  Available in both right and left hand.

Newport 2.6: Popular Newport 2 head with a straight in (no hosel) near center shaft with no offset.  The top edge of the shaft aligns perfectly with the sight line on the back flange providing a balanced appearance at set up.  The Newport 2.6 features a sight dot on the heel of the topline for consistent alignment.  Available in right hand only.

Newport 2.7: Popular Newport 2 head with a clean (no hosel) double bend shaft and a full shaft of offset.  The Newport 2.7 is a near face balanced with minimal toe flow.  Available in right hand only.

All of the Studio Select putters are available in 33”, 34” and 35” lengths as well as 34”H and 35”H heavier weight configurations.  The original Studio Select putters continue to be available in the popular Newport, Newport 1.5, Newport 2 and Newport 2 MS models that provide plumbing, short flair and mid slant neck choices.

“Different golfers require putters of different lengths, weights, body and neck configurations,” said Cameron.  “However, most putter heads are only weighted for 35-inch shafts and therefore, are much too light for shorter lengths, or too heavy for longer lengths.  Too often, the same heads are placed in shafts of all lengths.  The result is the golfer having to hit at the ball instead of being able to stroke the ball, and that creates distance control problems.  The Studio Select putter line delivers a wide range of specifications and options, designed to accommodate a wider range of golfer requirements.”

In addition, Studio Select putters can be lie adjusted +/- 2 degrees off of the standard 71 degrees and come with six different grip options, including the standard Red Cameron Cord, Black Studio Design, Red Studio Design, Black Baby T, Red Baby T and Red Winn AVS Midsize.  Further customization is available through Scotty’s Custom Shop at

Studio Select putters feature a high toe set-up that reduces the tendency for players to raise the toe and aim left of target, and a stepless steel shaft for a clean, unbroken appearance in the playing position.  Tour-inspired cosmetics include three large red dots on the back of the putter, three smaller red dots on the heel of the face, and distinct Studio Select graphics, shaftband and headcover.  The soft 303 stainless material delivers a soft but crisp, solid feel at impact and enhances durability for a timeless style.

ON TOUR: Every year since 1997, Cameron putters have been the choice of more players and more champions on the PGA TOUR than any other brand.  This year is no different.  The Fastback model has already been trusted by 20 players on the PGA TOUR, including the winner of the U.S. Bank Championship.  In addition, Brendon de Jonge secured his 2009 PGA TOUR card based on his performance this year on the Nationwide Tour.  Relying upon the Fastback since the end of April, de Jonge has posted five Top 5 finishes, including a victory at the Xerox Classic.  An additional 20 different players have put the Squareback into play this season.  In fact, Dudley Hart earned his way into the TOUR Championship after finishing 2nd with it at the BMW Championship, the second time he used it in competition.

“The addition of the new Squareback, Fastback, Newport 2.6 and 2.7 to the flagship Studio Select line of putters provides golfers with exceptional choices,” said Steve Pelisek, General Manager, Titleist Golf Clubs.  “Along with the traditional blade-like Circa 62, high-tech Newport Detour, and classic mallet-shaped Red X3 and Red X5, this is the strongest Scotty Cameron putter line ever for the better player.”

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: Fastback 1, Squareback 1, Newport 2.6 and Newport 2.7 putters are available immediately with a suggested retail price of $325.

16 thoughts on “Studio Select Putter Line Extension

  1. Any chance the Limited Edition Buttonbacks will come in a left-handed model for us southpaws? If not how come?

  2. I didn’t make them in lefty because tooling up to make a very small run of left-handed putters is not feasible. I really wish I could offer every model in both setups, but I simply cannot.


  3. I noticed the Squareback putter orinally did not have the double bend shaft. Will this original version be up for sale?

  4. Possibly, but not with this line extension. I made some Xperimental Prototype Squarebacks with a plumbing neck.


  5. Scotty, just want to let you know that many TCC’ers and others are pulling for a Squareback with a Santa Fe style neck.

    Just in case you were wondering if there is interest in such a set up :)

  6. Hey Scotty-

    Any chance we will see the buttonback as a production model in 2009? The Studio Select line has been amazing so far.


  7. Hi Scotty, I just received my new Studio Select Squareback No.1 in the 35/10gms configuration. Awesome putter! I really like the double bend set up in this putter and the balance is great. I like the compact head, as much as the Experimental model, and the sightline is a plus!

  8. Hi Scotty,I am a club memeber and also a collector so you would have to say i am partial to your products!I just received a studio select newport 2 heavy about 2 months ago and have to tell you for the average golfer putting on slower greens.with the extra weight you don’t have strike the ball as hard and have the ball bounce or skip off the face. So for you next Cameron putter and you usually play on slower greens order your next putter heavy!

  9. Scotty-

    Have the RedX2…love it. Now looking at the Squareback, and wondering how the toe hang compares to the RedX2.

    Would you say the Squareback is:

    A) Same amount of face balance
    B) Closer to total face balanced
    C) Not as face balanced



  10. It does help, Scotty…thanks.

    (Now I just need help convincing my wife that I need a new putter!)


  11. Since the Studio Select line has options for shaft length, head weight, neck style and lie angle, have any plans been made to open fitting centers for your putters around the U.S.?

  12. Usually, I never trade putter mid-season but I had to try the Squareback. I hated to bench my Phantom Futura but will send to Scotty to refinish this winter. The Sqareback is great!! I am a 4 handicap and the balance, setup and feel of this putter is outstanding. I wish the headcover was a hair bigger since it’s hard to slide it on. Great job, Scotty!! This is my 6th Cameron and I’ll keep working them over!!

  13. been looking for a great putter and scotty cameron makes the best but scottys limited edition models are fantastic its just a shame you dont make them for leftys

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