Live from Valhalla

Just got an email with this picture taken from a camera phone¬†during the Ryder Cup opening ceremonies. It’s almost like we’re there! Go Team USA!


2 thoughts on “Live from Valhalla

  1. Scotty,

    Huge fan of your putters!! Today I saw on your website the international matches t-shirt and just had to have one seeing that I am a louisville, ky local who was at the ryder cup all week. The shirts were completely sold out though. Any chance there will be another batch of them produced? Not sure when I will ever see scotty cameron, international matches, and kentucky on the same shirt again. That was a great looking shirt though scotty. Thanks.


  2. Hi, i live in the UK and have been trying to get my hands on a BIG SUR in black and i am struggling but stumbled across a BIG SUR2 can you please tell me approx how many of these were made (big sur 2).I also have 2 Futura longs and cant find these on the web site.

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