2 thoughts on “2008 SCICC Video on SC.com

  1. I just want to say thanks to Scotty, the Butler’s and all the Cameron fans for such a great event. The entire SCICC was first class and as smooth as . A special thanks to all those who were in on Sky’s secret birthday present (the CT MyGirl).

    Last but certainly not least, Jason gets some serious kudos for all the work he did with the video and that nice fancy camera he has.

    Thanks again everyone and see you next year,
    Erik (2putt) Croswell

  2. Hey Scotty,

    the ICC was again great fun. I really enjoyed the two days (Meet& Greet, Scramble) and I hope you did have some fun too :-)

    Jason, great job on the video, which will always reminds us of the nice days in Columbus!

    Hope to see you all again next year!!!


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