$10,000 putt

I received this letter a week or so ago and thought you would enjoy it. ~Scotty

Mr. Cameron,

On August 4, 2008, I played in a charity event at Saucon Valley Country Club in Pennsylvania. Our group played the Old Course. This venue has hosted two U.S. Senior Opens and will host the U.S. Womens Open in 2009. One of the side events during the round was a putting contest. In preparation for this event, the night before I re-gripped my 34-inch 340 gram Cameron Studio Stainless Newport Two with a new Cameron dancing grip. I tried it out in my hallway and it felt great and back in the bag it went.

Prior to the round, I participated in the contest. I made the first putt from 15 feet to continue. I then made the second putt from 30 feet. This put me into the finals to be completed after the round. After a fine round of golf, I was eating dinner when they called my name to report to the putting green. I went out with two other finalists. The requirement was to have one attempt at a 60-foot putt. Closest to the hole wins $200 in credit. $10,000 goes to one who makes it.

I was fortunate to go last. The first two guys made nice putts but went several feet past the hole. The putt was a downhill double-breaking slick nightmare. When it was my turn I was just trying to get inside the other two balls. I struck the putt and watched for what seemed like an eternity. The ball went into the dead center of the cup.

The reason for this letter is that I want to thank you for crafting the finest putters I have played with. I am a 53 y/o forever amateur who has the good fortune of being able to play the very best. Your putters create a confidence that I have never felt with any other brand. I now have the putter and the ball in immortality on the mantle. When the big putt dropped I immediately had visions of granduer of getting a Circle T Newport Two or a Cameron equally eclectic. Alas, my wonderful wife of 28 years reminded me we have two kids in college and we need a shed. I thought you would like to know of the magic I experienced with my Cameron. Thank you again for being the best.

David P. Kramp
Schnecksville, Pennsylvania