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We’re still humming right along here at the Custom Shop. Every day putters come in, and every day they go back out again. What happens during their visit is a thing of beauty. We’ll take a rusted, neglected, beat up old Newport 2 and bring it back to its pristine, original condition. A new Studio Select will come in, get stamped up, new paintfill, and be returned to its happy owner completely “pimped”.

Every once in awhile I like to show you some pictures of the work taking place just to give you some ideas, and to show you some putters that look too used to restore. Trust me, we can bring nearly any putter back to life.

Check out some of our Custom Shop putters by clicking on the image below. It will launch a slideshow in your browser. Enjoy!


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  1. Those are Great pictures

    I have a newport 2 pro platinum and I was wondering if I sent it in to be restored could I get a Charcoal Mist finish, triple black finsh, or any others?

    Scotty you always have great work, thanks for all the great putters you have made.

  2. Scotty,

    Is that first putter picture a charcoal mist finish of a Studio Design #5? The lime green is so vibrant and pops right off that finish. Thank you for a look behind the scenes.

  3. Dear Scotty,

    Great that you offer this custom shop service… but, it’s only for US residents. Could you please open up your custom shop for European customers as well? A lot of folks would appreciate this 😉

    Warmest regards
    Dickie from the Netherlands

  4. Who won your “gamer”? I just wanted to check, and since I have not heard, hold out hope that it was me that won!

  5. I just wanted clarification. Are you saying that the pictures are of putters that are too used to restore, or putters that look to used to restore that have been restored to perfect condition? For example, picture 8 in the slideshow of the newport 2 pro platinum, was that putter too beat up to be restored or was the putter restored to perfect condition? I have been looking to get my hands on some used putters through eBay and they are not always in the best condition, and I would like to send them to the custom shop to get restored for my own use. I have just been nervous about doing so because some putters are not in the best shape and I am just not sure you would be able to restore it.



    Thanks Scotty…I have had good experience with the custom

  6. We only offer Pro Platinum or the putter’s original finish at this time. Thanks for checking in.


  7. We’ll post the names most likely next week. And, unfortunately Derek, if you won, you’d know already. Sorry, buddy!

    All the best,

  8. We can restore nearly any putter. Of course, there are limitations. But everything you see in this slideshow will be restored…or has been. Some things like very deep dings on the topline cannot be fixed, but it’s rare that we can’t restore a putter. Hope that helps.

    Take care,

  9. Can you remove the sight line on a putter when it is restored, so that an alignment dot can be put on the putter instead?



  10. On the new slide show, what are the makes and models of Adam Scott’s putter line up?

    Take care.

  11. Do you see a lot of Big Sur’s come through the shop? I sent mine in for restoration not long ago and thought the picture of the one in the slide show may have been mine.

    It’s an awesome putter BTW and your shop did an outstanding job with the resotration. I purchased it and had it restored for use when my game no longer supports the Mil Spec PP that has been my gamer for eight years now.

    How easy is it to convert a normal putter to a long shaft putter? Is there a big disparity with the weight difference that results in innacuracy or other issues when you lengthen the shaft like this. Any plans on a commemorative Big Sur release similar to the TeI10?

    Best Regards,


  12. Man, great work! I have a Studio Design #5 that I was going to send in for my birthday but I see someone had the exact same idea I had! Charcoal grey with the lime green paint fill down to the red studio stamp. What a bummer! But I did plan to add two more sight lines to the flange. Is it possible to send my putter in and just let you guys go crazy on it? Do whatever you want to it? That would be an awsome B-Day gift! LOL

  13. Scotty I am a huge Notre Dame football fan and I would like to see what colors you think would be the best combination to use on my 2008 Newport 2 Midslant? Any input on this matter would be awesome!! Thank you for your time and keep up the wonderful work.

  14. Scotty, I have a pre Titleist custom you slid me back in the day. It has abunch of little dots on the flange instead of a line. You explained your reasoning for the dots to me, but I would like to refresh my memory so I’m not telling the story wrong.
    Thanks, “Thank you very much for everything!
    The initials stamped are GJ. I know you said you never forget who you made a putter for, but I forgot. Any thought on who it might have been?

  15. Whoops, just got my putter back from the shop and thought I might see it in the pics. Maybe next time!

    BTW, the putter is perfect – now I just need to fix myself!


  16. Wow those putters are sick, in picture 9 there is a button back, can you convert the new studio selects to button backs?

  17. Hi Scotty!

    I really love your work in the custom shop that you do. I have sure seen some beauties come out of there!

    The only problem is, when is it likely that you are going t accept international orders? I am itching to get my studio select customised!

    Thanks for your help!


  18. I know you can customize the putters and I’m about to get the new studio designed newport 1.5, which I plan on sending your way to personalize, but can you custom design the headcovers as well? I have a design that I drew up for a headcover and was wondering if you do that. It is not alot of detail work or anything, it is personalized to me and looks alot like the headcovers you already have. Just curious, let me know if this is possible or if you know of anyone that can do it.

  19. We don’t offer that service in the Custom Shop. You can add a sight dot, though.


  20. We don’t see a whole lot of Big Sur putters coming through, but we do see them. We currently have a way to convert Studio Select putters to belly putters. Check out our article here:

    Going to a belly or longer shafted putter changes lots of things. Weight, balance, setup, etc.

    No current plans on a new Big Sur or commemorative version, but you never know.


  21. On a full restoration, if you want me to just give it my own spin, please just say so in the Special Instructions box on the Custom Shop order form. I just request that you tell me if you like it “mild” or “wild”.


  22. Just put in the Special Instructions that you’d like them to be Notre Dame colors and we’ll try to match as closely as possible.

  23. No custom headcovers, I’m afraid. It never hurts to ask, though. Thanks for stopping by.


  24. Under some circumstances international orders are not accepted because some International credit card companies do not use the security company Verisign, which is the security system we use. American Express is an accepted card. My suggestion to you would be to fill out the Custom Shop order form and see if your card is accepted.

    If the order is accepted please make sure you pre pay all the duties, taxes and handling fees. Also please make sure you send the putter air and not ground as handling fees are applied to ground orders that must be prepaid for the package to be accepted. Lastly please also label the package as a repair and Free Domicile. All duties and taxes must be pre paid or we will not be able accept the package. I hope this information is helpful!


  25. Scotty,

    What about the exact opposite. can you take the head of a Big Sur 98 and take it down to a 33in shaft or will the balance etc. be off set to much with the heel weight?

  26. I have a center shaft Big Sur, shafted to 34″ like a standard
    putter. I really like the feel, it helps me swing all the way
    through my putts. The extra weight works well for me allows me to
    “finish” my putter swing. Hope this helps -Jimmy

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