Interview by Golf Magazine Korea

I thought you guys might enjoy reading the translation of a recent interview I did with Golf Magazine Korea. Special thanks to our Korean Titleist representative Philip Choi for his help with the translation. We did everything on our side to make it as true to the actual translation as possible. Enjoy.



Scotty Cameron, A living legend in putter making

An interview with Scotty Cameron, who has gained worldwide popularity as a top star with his own brand of putters. Scotty Cameron putters are one of the best putters of all. Scotty Cameron’s name in putters is so powerful an influence that people who have only a small interest in putters put his at the top of their wish list.

Q: You look so young for your reputation, is there any reason you’re not exposed in the media (so that people know more about who you are)?
SC: I’ve heard that many times before. In the U.S, many people think of me as an old man over 60 years old. Probably, because I’m not exposed to mainstream media very often. I’m not avoiding being exposed to media, but I’m also not trying not to do that. I want to maintain a good image by making something special, and concentrate on the work itself. I make my putters for people who are looking for something special in a putter, and I’m not necessarily concentrating on having my face and name being known through the media.

Q: What is the difference between a Scotty Cameron putter by Titleist and a hand-crafted putter?
SC: Basically, I’m a putter designer who has a contract with Titleist, and all my products are branded Titleist. The difference between a production putter and hand-crafted putters is in the details. To put it simply, my hand-crafted putters are boutique putters with special personalities that differ from production putters with various stamps, finishes, shapes and metals.

Q: Why did you begin making hand-crafted putters?
SC: I began making putters for Tour players to use. Each professional needs his own putter designed with a reflection of his personality for the best performance. So, I would talk with them and collect as much information as possible about their styles and skills, before making their putters. Then, I would hand-craft a putter specifically for him.

Q: Why are you are more interested in the putter than any other club?
SC: When I was young I grew up seeing my father, an insurance investigator, make and fit putters in the garage. My father was my best friend and taught me about golf and putters.He passed away suddenly, and after he did I would spent a lot of time with putters in the garage. Eventually, I got a job making putters in the golf industry. I decided to make a special putter after I saw the Zebra putter (I think it first appeared in 1974). I liked the innovative and brave design of the Zebra, so I thought I could be innovative as well. I was shocked that a putter could be designed like that. And from then on, I was determined to make special and exclusive putters for the world.

Q: How are your putters so well known?
SC: In the beginning, I gave putters to my friends to use. Eventually, my name started to get a good reputation as they were used in tournaments. My putter got good feedback from players. I was becoming confident, and established Scotty Cameron International in 1991. An interesting side note of that time is that my wife and I deposited some money in the bank just in case the business failed. If it did, we planned to give up entirely and leave for Hawaii to spend the rest of our life. Fortunately, the business ran smoothly. In 1992, my putter recorded its first win on the U.S PGA Tour and was then used to win the Masters in 1993 by Bernhard Langer. That was the real beginning of my putters becoming well known.

Q: What does the putter mean to a golfer?
SC: The putter is to a golfer what a pen is to a poet. A poet cannot write a poem without a pen. We cannot imagine a golfer without a putter. The putter to a golfer is so important in a round that it cannot be valued. The putter is the most used club in the bag. Likewise, it is a very important moment when the putter is in the player’s hands.

Q: In Korea, many golfers are interested in Scotty Cameron putters. What would you like to say golfers interested in your putter?
SC: Korean golfers have a high level of skill and are very passionate. I’ve paid attention to Korean players standing out in the U.S. fields. I am pleased that my putter attracts Korean golfers. In the future, I’ll try to make more putters for Korean players. I’ll do my best to make putters to really satifsy Korean players.

Scotty Cameron Museum and Gallery
The Scotty Cameron Museum and Gallery is located at the Seaside golf club in Shizuoka, Japan. The museum holds 35 Scotty Cameron hand-made putters and those of Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh used when they won championships. Work tables and tools from Scotty’s original Putter Studio are also on display. The exhibition gives historical information about Scotty and his position as the best craftsman of putters in the world. Last month, the museum welcomed special guests. Scotty Cameron and his fans visited here for the Scotty Cameron Museum and Gallery meeting. He talked about his philosophy and shared stories of his putters with around 90 fans. A Scotty Cameron putter auction took place during the event. The bid prices went higher than even imagined proving the fervor of participants.