Custom Shop Putter of the Week | Phase 2

I wanted to check in with you guys as this Teryllium Santa Fe makes its way through the Custom Shop. As you saw in yesterday’s slideshow, the putter has been prepped for its restoration with a dunking in mineral spirits. On Day 2 it’s going to have some real work done to it now.

After soaking for a few hours to remove the elastomer plugs, the putter head was transferred to an acetone bath to soften up the paint. The excess paintfill is removed from the engravings with a wire brush. We make sure to remove all of the elastomer, too, before sandblasting the back of the putter. This takes it down to bare metal.

Now, with the experience of grinding thousands of putters, we carefully remove nicks and dings on our grinding wheels, taking the putter back to its original condition. This putter’s Teryllium insert has held up nicely for over ten years, and doesn’t need to be re-milled at this point. Just a bit of buffing and grinding to bring back its original shine. From here, we’ll remove the insert and give this putter a high buff before re-finishing the head. Check back later for more of the story. I hope you’re enjoying the pictures.


10 thoughts on “Custom Shop Putter of the Week | Phase 2

  1. This TeI3 Santa Fe is really taking shape! This putter is already in better condition than the first pictures from yesterday’s slide show. I have to say that Scotty’s grinding is a pleasure to see. Thanks for sharing the pictures for the work in progress.


  2. Thanks for lettin’ us watch you work. This way I don’t have to bug you buy leaning over shoulder. Keep up the art Scotty.

  3. Scotty-san.

    Thank you for blog update.

    I imagined the remake of Santa Fe.

    I was the same as the thought that I imagined so far.

    Santa Fe studies hard and it is a few, but thinks that I lose weight.

    I expect it for the transformation of Santa Fe from now on.

    I will do a request to bury tungsten because I like heavy putters.

    I look forward to Scotty-san blog .

    Thank you!


  4. Scotty – Love to see the additional pics of the putter restoration. I am looking forward to the removal of the insert and pics of the rest of the process. Keep them coming. :)

    Pat Regan – Toledo, OH

  5. Scotty:

    Thanks for the newest set of pics as this Santa Fe gets the full “spa treatment”. It is wonderful to see that these old beauties can be restored…like new.

    Do you have an estimate on how much weight this Santa Fe head will lose with all of the grinding?

    Could tungsten weights be added to the sole to bump up the weight of this head?


  6. Hi Eddie,

    We’ll lose 2 grams or less, which equates to 1 swingweight point. And, although one “could” add tungsten, not in this one. Thanks for the questions.

    All the best,

  7. Quite amazing. My buddy and I had a putter redone last winter. The work was so incredibly good that we were convinced that you swapped our putters for another new putter. These photos put that argument to rest once and for all. Once the season ends, my circa 62 no 2 is on its way. What finish do you recommend for minimal rust as I was contemplating a pro platinum finish on my circa 62?

  8. The putter is coming along great scotty :)

    Out of interest what sort of tool do you use to polish the finer parts of the putter like the cavity when the wheel is too large?

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