Titleist.com | New Red X Milling Process Slideshow

If you’d like to learn more about the Red X3 and Red X5 milling process, click over to Titleist.com for a new slideshow. It’s a great look behind the scenes revealing how much work goes into making the new Red X3 and Red X5 putters. These new models will arrive at Titleist golf shops in just a few weeks. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Titleist.com | New Red X Milling Process Slideshow

  1. Hi Scotty,
    Red X with plumber neck, this is the putter I expected to have !!
    I saw you use prototype of Red X-5 at the 2nd SCFCJ meeting in Japan.
    You gave us some hint about Red X-5 which will come to the market soon.
    At that time, I thought that Red X-5 will be supply around November.
    This putter will come to us in September , what great news.
    I beleive that this is the first combination of Mallet head and Plumber neck.
    I would say many people will love this new feeling.
    Scotty, thank you for your new creation.

  2. Any update on the ship date. Putted with a Red X5 1st 500 run. Interested in getting a retail version.

  3. The new Red X3 and Red X5 have begun shipping to Titleist Golf Shops around the world.

    Thanks for your interest and comment.

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