22 thoughts on “2007 PGA Championship Slideshow

  1. Scotty:

    The Tour T10’s look awesome!! I love the finish that you’ve chosen for the Tour T10 putters.

    Are these Tour T10’s going to be available to any of your Tour putter distributors ?? Or are you just making them for the Tour players?

    Will any of the Newport 2’s have a site dot?

    Will any of the Tour T 10’s be 350 grams?

    The “HUNT” begins….I hope. :)

    Regards, Eddie Gomez

  2. Is there any significance to the numper of perforations on the back of the insert?

  3. Wow, good looking putters Scotty. Is that a mid-slant neck you welded onto Adam’s putter?

    I’m glad you’re releasing a TEI putter again. I had a Sante Fe a long time ago (really regret letting that one go), and it was probably the best feeling Scotty I’ve ever putted with. I just wish these weren’t a limited edition! They’ll probably sell way out of my price range!

    Also, it looks like they are the boxier Cami & Co. Newport 2 and 2.5 style heads. Very cool, I like the clean lines, and thin topline. It frames the ball very well.

    Is there a reason you chose the shiny gun blue finish for the public release? Was that just to maintain continuity with the original line? I ask because I’m not sure I’ve ever talked to anyone who wouldn’t prefer to see the style finish you used on the tour putters for Adam and Davis. Less glare, less maintanence. Just my .2 cents!

    Good looking putters, I’m gonna do my best to get my hands on one!

  4. Scotty:

    The new Tour Teryllium Ten putters look terrific. I have read on other sites that these putters will be available in a limited release to the public in the fall. Do you know the quantity that you are going to produce these putters in at this time? Will there be different head styles, or just the NP2s? Will these putters only be available to club Cameron members or through Titleist representatives?

    In addition the other sites state that they will be released in a darker finish, which darker finish will it be? Finally, what color and style of grip will be featured on these putters?


  5. Unless my eyes deceived me, it looks like Adam put his into play for Thursday. He must have liked it!

  6. Hi Eddie,

    Currently, we’re just making these for Tour players. A few of the T10 NP2s have site dots, and the headweight is 350g. Thanks for stopping by.

    All the best,

  7. Hi Patrick,

    That is a Mid Slant neck on Adam’s putter. The production putters will actually have a Black Pearl finish, which is very durable and requires hardly any maintenance. Plus, I think it looks just amazing. Hope you like it, too. Thanks for your comments.

    All the best,

  8. Kyle,

    We’ll release 2,007 Teryllium Ten Newport 2 and 2,007 Teryllium Ten Newport 2.5 putters to Titleist golf shops later in August. Check out the video on ScottyCameron.com to learn more about this limited release putter. Just click on the subfeature at the bottom of the page to launch our video player.

    All the best,

  9. Hello Scotty-san.

    The T10 tour welding putter is very cool!

    A stamp is very simple!
    I love such a simple stamp putter too.

    For example, T10 tour putter in a slit.

    How do you change?
    (hit feeling or Sound)



  10. Scotty,

    I was just wondering what your opinion is on all these putters with grooves and grooved inserts that claim to roll the ball sooner. Have you ever thought of making a putter with this design? I’m not trying to convince you though, I love my Circa #3 the way it is.


  11. Scotty:

    Congratulations on the great showing by players at the PGA Champiionship, who were using your putters.

    By my count, 5 players that are currently using your putters finished within the top 6 places at Southern Hills yesterday!!

    The world’s No. 1 with his Newport 2 GSS with the win.
    2nd place to Woody Austin with his “old school” Faxday /Scotty putter.
    Tied for 4th place were Arron Oberholser, with either his trusty Futura or his new Circa and John Senden with his Newport.
    And tied for 6th place was Geoff Ogilvey with his Newport.

    All in all a great week at the PGA Championship for Scotty putters!!!

    Regards, Eddie Gomez

  12. Dear Scotty,

    Congrats on the strong showing at the PGA Championship. What’s amazing was all the different models represented in the Top 10.

    I’m very curious. Perhaps my eyes are deceiving me but when I saw the T10 Newport II, it looked a little different from the Classic Newport II design. Did you make any changes for this release in terms of headshape?

    As always, thanks for your time.

    Best regards,
    Ted Yong

  13. Scotty and production team, as always, hats off to a gorgeous putter! I couldn’t be prouder to use and collect Cameron putters! Thanks for everything!

    Gerald Gross
    Miami, Fl.

  14. The T10 looks great, i was rolling a buddies old Newport TEI3 this afternoon on the green and wondered what the new one will feel like. I see above that the tour version will be 350g, will the in store version be available in a 33″ 350g club head?
    An aspiring collector who is just starting out –
    33″ RedX2
    33″ Studio Stainless Newport 2

  15. Is there any chance, that the T10 is going to be released in Left Hand?

    Best Regards
    Dick Hellstromer

  16. Hi Scotty,

    I was looking at the pictures of Adam’s new T10 putter on this blog and noticed that the insert looks extremely smooth, like they were not milled. Any particular reason why? Are they milled then buffed or not milled at all? Why the lack of mill marks? I know the previous Teryllium putters had a smooth shiny insert, and I never thought about whether they were milled or not.


  17. Hey Ted,

    The new T10s have several design changes and refinements. Although the spirit of the Limited Release is a celebration of the past, we’re always moving forward! Thanks for the question.

    All the best,

  18. Hi James,
    The insert is milled then it is buffed smooth for that great Teryllium shiny character. If you let it age, it will develop a rich patina and just turn out great. If you want to keep it clean, just rub a little toothpaste on with your finger, then wipe it off. Works great.

    All the best,

  19. Scotty,

    I’ve loved my putter ever since I picked it up 9 years ago. For me there is no better sound than breaking putting green “dead silence” with the distinctive scotty cameron putt. I swear I can hear a good put with my newport.

    Fortunately it’s in your shop for some needed restoraton… but unfortunately I’m missing it terribly.

    Can you share or describe some of the sound and feel characteristics of the new T10?

    Take care!

    Bloomfield Hills, MI

  20. dear scotty,

    I remembered seeing the Teryllium putter many many years ago when i picked up golf as hobby. Always wanted to get one but not able to afford then. Recently I’ve got the Studio design Newport 2 and really loving it! Now, I heard and seen in your website that the Limited Edition Teryllium 2007 Newport 2 and 2.5 will launch around this time, or maybe it’s already out. And I’m definitely getting it to collect. Yes, my latest hobby is to start collecting those lovely putters. Not for putting but to display on a wall rack! yoohoo!

    Anyway, is there any chance that those Limited edition Teryllium will be coming into Singapore shores. Yep, that is where I reside and hopefully you can help to direct me when I can get my hands on those lovely new Teryllium.

    Thanks for making all those lovely putters !!!

    Warmest regards from Singapore


  21. Hey Scotty, I just received my T10 putter and absolutely love it. Like you say, every putter should be a gamer.

    However, I’ve heard rumors that if I send it back for refinishing, that the original black pearl finish will not be available. Is this true? Please say it isnt so.

    Big fan,


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