009 BBC Xperimental

I wanted to let you guys in on some of the recent happenings at the Putter Studio. Last week, I had a request from one of my favorite Tour players for a new putter. He loves his limited BBC, but was looking for something new. BBC stands for Billet Block Copper. I only made 50 of these for the world, and it’s a putter with a truly unique look, feel, and metal composition.

Since I no longer make the BBC, I designed a sister putter called the 009 BBCX, for Xperimental. It’s a 009 head, but without a neck. The original BBC had a plumbing neck. The 009 BBCX has a double-bend shaft-in setup, and I utilize the bend in the shaft to give it the same amount of offset a plumbing neck would have from address. I milled out pockets in the sole and filled them with tungsten weights. This allowed me to keep the head size and weight normal while compensating for the lack of a neck.

The 009 BBCX has a unique sound and feel because of the copper design and the beached sound slot. I’d say the sound is crisp. By the way, I sent this to the pro last week and in the first round of competition he shot 66. I thought you’d find this interesting, and I’m glad I could share it with you. Thanks for stopping by the Blog. I hope you enjoy the slideshow.

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  1. IS that a skull and crossbones stamp? Absolutely awesome. What are the chances of that being offered to the public?

  2. Scotty,

    Another beautiful putter…will any of these be released ??

    Have you ever made a BBC with a 1.5 neck??

    Please keep posting your experiments !!

    Mike Tate

  3. It’s my new “Jester” stamp we’ve nicknamed “Red Skull”. And the chances are slim that this will be offered to the public. Glad you like it, though! Thanks for the comment.

  4. Only to the Tour at the moment. I have never made a BBC with a 1.5 neck. Thanks for checking in, Mike.

  5. The red skull kind of reminds me of the logo for one of my favorite New Orleans Mardi Gras krewes, Le Krewe d’Etat. I love it!

  6. Scotty:

    Another magnificent work of art and master craftsmanship.

    The 009 BBCX looks wonderful!!! Why am I not surprised??
    You’re brilliant and the putter is SWEET and even sweeter sounding with a Beach slot.

    66..straight out of the box…I’m sure that my favorite Pepperdine Alum was ecstatic by those instant results.

    Does the shaft’s positioning make it face-balanced similiar to the Classic X?? Or is the shaft position similiar to the Catalina Tours that you released a few months ago to Seaside??

    Or does this putter have some slight toe-hang??

    Can the tungsten weights be removed and more or less weight added??

    Regards, Eddie

  7. Really nice putter Scotty, love the look of the BBC (and of course the red skull stamp) :-)


  8. Scotty,

    Just wanted to say that that is just incredible. I was not much of a fan of the Catalina neck style putters but am seriously starting to conform. It started with the Catalina Classic and now you throw this at us…

    Uh… WOW!

    That BBCX shown in the slide show is a jaw dropper. I think it’s defined that way in Websters.


  9. Amazing! Everything from the smooth face to the Jester stamp is a great combination of form and functionality. What does the S.F. stand for in the cavity?


  10. JG is a Very Lucky Guy!! The 009 shape in BBC is another beauty, your creativity seems endless. Thanks for allowing us access to your imagination and behind the scenes work.


  11. Hi Scott,
    S.F. stands for “Studio Family.” Thanks for your kind words.

  12. Hey Eddie,
    Thanks for your thoughts. The BBCX has some toe hang. And, in this particular case, those tungsten weights are in for good. I could remove them with some effort, but they’re not designed to be switched out.
    Take care,

  13. Scotty,

    Once again you have outdone yourself with this BBCX. Being the big Classic X / Catalina fan that I am it is great to see this new creation from you.

    Take care,

  14. Hi Scotty,

    Amazing putter and I love the new stamp. I have a quick question about copper putters. What is the best way to get that deep colored patina from a copper plated putter? I love the deep rich patina for a copper gamer!

    Thanks for your time and thanks for sharing these studio creations.


  15. Scotty,

    The 009 BBCX is a tremendous putter. It reminds me of the classic lines of the Classic X. I have to say that the 009 line is a beautiful series and the 009 BBCX just adds to the series. Thanks for sharing this fabulous putter.

    Best regards,


  16. Hello  Scotty-san.

    The finish of this putter is splendid, too.
    I heard the meaning of the S.F stamp and admired personality of Scotty-san again.
    (Because I played rugby in the days of a student, I react to a family, the words of the team well. )

    There is a question.

    The copper has heavier specific gravity than SS, SSS(GSS) l.
    When make a putter with copper, the head weight becomes more than 350g; think.
    A tungsten weight is attached to the bottom of BBCX.
    The weight of the head?
    Is length of the shafts several inches?
    The swing weight?



  17. this oo9 BBCX…wow!! loooks great, beached, I bet that it putts great….how many were/are made?, what length shaft?

  18. Scotty,

    Congrats for the another great creation.
    BBC is one of my dreaming putter. Limited 50 went to another collector and I missed it.
    Are there any plan to create next limted 50, 009 BBC ?
    I thank you to share the beautiful 009 BBCX information with us.

    Best regards,

  19. Very cool putter.

    I have one of the 50 original BBC, and have putted with it. It is a firmer, sort of crisp feel to it.

    The patina develops over time, depends on a few factors. I live in a very dry climate, so the head does not weather like it would in Florida or some other humid locale. It also helps to play the putter, that will help it turn the darker color.

    The Vog

  20. The design is great and I love the stamping. I was at Table Rock two days ago and had a chance to stare at the Copper Series released years ago and instantly fell in love. Now in a 009, with insane stamping outstanding! BTW the new glasses nice touch and a lot more modern of a look.

  21. Time and gaming it will give it a beautiful, rich patina.
    Thanks for the question,

  22. Hello Tomohiro,
    The BBCX was made at 35″, 4 degrees of loft, and a lie of 70 degrees. The swingweight is D6. And the head is less than 350g due to the removal of the neck. More weight is lost there than you would think. That’s why I put the tungsten in the sole.
    Thanks for your interest.
    All the best,

  23. Hi Kaz,
    I will make about 50 of these over the next 2 years at a rate of about 2 each month.
    All the best,

  24. Scotty,

    If you need a volunteer hacker, extraordinaire, I am you guy. I would be glad to write a hacker’s profile for the 009 BBCX. : )

    Again, thanks for sharing your work with us.

    Best regards,


  25. No words.
    Only say WOW!!!

    I really want to take BBCX for my gamer.
    I would like to ask one question.
    Is the head-weight adjustable to 370g by the tungsten in the sole easily?

    Thank you very much for new great creation, and making my new goal.


  26. Hi Scotty,

    Probably one of the most gorgeous putters I’ve ever seen.
    Shame its not for retail :-(

    I have a few of your putters which are all gamers. Ive also collected the old bullseyes from titleist – Probably the softest feeling putters I know. Have you ever considered a brass headed version (same material as the bullseye) of any of your putters?

    keep up the artistry!!

    Chris Finch, Preston UK

  27. Another beauty; Two things should happen with this design: you shoudl:

    1. Make this putter available to the public; and
    2. Make it left handed so I can enjoy it on the course

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