Red X5 Prototype

We’ll begin shipping the latest members of the Red X family, the Red X3 and Red X5, to Titleist golf shops in mid-September. I’m very excited about these new putters. With the new Charcoal Mist finish, the new plumbing neck on the Red X5, the simplified sight line, and the solid face without the insert, these new mallets are something special.

I’ve put together a few shots of the Red X5 prototype to give you an idea of what this putter is all about. I hope you enjoy the slideshow.


23 thoughts on “Red X5 Prototype

  1. Hello Scotty-san.

    Thank you for a splendid picture.
    This is the putter which you used in Hamamatsu.

    I want to try redx5 early.

    Thank you.


  2. A digital crystal ball, a wizards show and tell. Beautiful additions! We’re truly fortunate to have the access this website provides and the insight of these blogs, thank you to all who make it happen!

    Gerald Gross
    Miami, Fl.

  3. what is going to be the difference between the red x3 and red x5? first i have seen of it and it looks fantastic. thanks for the info.


  4. Scotty –

    Another beautiful putter. I must say you have by FAR the best taste in aesthetics when it comes to putters, compared to other putter manufacturers. I’m a huge fan of the charcoal mist finish – I’ve got a Circa #3 on order right now – can’t wait to get it! Keep up the great work, the great blog, and the great attitude! Proud to be a Cameron putter owner.

    – Mark

  5. Hey Scotty

    That is on great looking putter
    cant wait for it to come out
    thats deffintly going to be one i put in the bag


  6. Hi Scotty,

    The charcoal mist finish is very nice for this putter. What is the difference between the Red X3 and Red X5?

    Congrats on your Club Championship win!

    Best regards,
    Ted Yong

  7. The bottom detail is amazing…Showing all the options with a paintfill to indicate the specs is brilliant!

    How do you chose your typefaces for the text on your putters? I take it you have a set font for the ‘CAMERON’ text?

    Thanks Scotty

  8. The Red X 3 is a single bend shaft in setup, while the Red X 5 is a plumbing neck design.

  9. Awesome design. My fiancee is in the market for a new putter (Cameron of course). This will be perfect for her and will hit the shops about the time we get married. What a perfect wedding gift :-)

  10. This putter looks amazing! I like how it looks like the Tour Black X and the plumbers neck is going to be such a great addition. I Like that it does not have an insert and the headcover looks great. I will purchase a Red X5 33″ 350G 2* Flat as soon as they become available. Thanks again Scotty!

  11. Both new Red X’s look great.

    It appears that the X5 has a longer neck than the newport. Is the neck closer to a long neck?



  12. Andy-
    Currently, only the Red X3 will be offered in left hand models with custom options of 33″/350g and 34″/340g.

  13. Will the new RedX with the Charcoal Mist be offered in a centershaft? Obviously the Red X2 is a centershaft with the GSS insert, but for those that like the new finish and the look of a centershaft – will we see something in the future lineup?

  14. Scotty, Awesome New Design, can’t wait to add 1 of each to the collection and see which gets a spot in bag. Thanks for the blog and all the great creations!


  15. Hey Scotty,
    I love the Red X line and look forward to the new additions,
    any chance you could start offering some of the limited/special edition covers that would fit the Red X? I know I would get them as well as other members over at TCC.

    Thanks and God bless!


  16. Just had a birthday! I think I might hold off spending the birthday money and put it toward an X3… I’ve always liked the mallets with the bend shaft as opposed to the plumbing neck–more my style to putt with. Any ideas when we’ll see ’em?

  17. Hi there, I have just purchased a Red X5 with “First of 500” stamped on the front face, my question is this : is this a unique one-off putter with others having “second of 500” or do they all (all 500) have the same stamping? By the way-I love it it has just replaced my Del-Mar 3.5 I have used for the last 5 years!

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