009 Wing Back Xperimental

I had an interesting request a few weeks back from a prominent international touring professional. He is a fan of the 009 head style, but he wanted a putter with a longer sight line “like the Detour, but not curved”. Some players key on the vertical axis for alignment, meaning they look at the topline of the putter and how it sits in relation to the ball. Others rely on the horizontal axis. This player definitely relies on the horizontal, or the sightline perpendicular to the putter face. So, I got to work on the design.

His request presented me with quite a challenge. Oftentimes a player will look at a few putters and ask, “Can’t you just weld this part onto that piece and let me try it out?” Almost always, the desired finished putter involves much more work than that.

What was initiated by a conversation and a rough drawing ended up becoming quite a design and manufacturing challenge. As you can see in the pictures, I had to account for the weight I’ve added with the “wing back”. I had to remove it somewhere, which happened to be the pockets I milled out of the sole. I also had to make sure the putter head would feel balanced. The truss-like parts you see welded to the wing back are pretty industrial-looking, but pretty cool, too.

I put a great deal of time into this putter figuring out the combinations of weight, sound, feel and performance, and I sure hope to see it in play on Tour.

Thanks for stopping by the Blog, and I hope you enjoy the slideshow.


10 thoughts on “009 Wing Back Xperimental

  1. Pretty cool Scotty. Good to see you going overboard to make the tour pros happy. That’s why you’re #1 on tour and why you’ll be staying there for as long as you want, IMHO


  2. WOW!!!!!!!!! What a design. I think I could make room in my bag for any extra protos you might have if they don’t end up going to production. The support structure for the extended sight line is insane. What a concept. Scotty you never cease to amaze us. Keep up the great work.

    aka nomore3putts4ever

  3. Awesome. I’d take one of those right now if they were available, particularly with a GSS face. I like my Red X and haven’t been able to get quite used to lining up putts with the face.

  4. Very cool Scotty. I’d love to see a pic from address. Also, I don’t think there’s a better looking putter in the world than the 009. Someday I’ll own one (but it would have to knock my Studio Stainless Newport 2.5 out of the bag first!).

  5. Scotty,
    Thanks for another great view into your studio during the creation process. Cool looking putter. The long sigtline reminds me of the sightline on my Phantom Futura. Any chance of seeing a production version ? Great blog.

  6. I’m a huge fan of the 009 and not a fan of the Detours but I commend you on the concept of this design and for making it a reality. It will be interesting to follow this from concept to the tour.

  7. Very nice work Scotty! That is an interesting spin for the 009. I can only imagine how solid the putter feels and how easily it is to align. I am sure that the touring pro that gets this putter will be thrilled the first putt that is struck with this putter. Well done!


  8. Scotty, your creations continue to push the envelope to ever emgerging destinations, thanks for taking us on the ride with you!

    Gerald Gross
    Miami, Fl.

  9. Scotty, the putter looks great! Please tell me, is this putter face balance? I understand that a face balanced putter is designed and/or preferred for a stroke consisting of straight back and straight through. I have an arc style putting stroke and currently putt with the detour. What are the downsides if any if I were to use this putter type?

    West Palm Beach, FL

  10. Scotty Make this putter!
    I love the concept of the detour (newport especially) but the curve throws me off. This is a great addition to your line. So make it!!
    Nice work. You’ve created another addict!

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