Titleist Ambassador Tom Pernice, Jr.

PGA Tour veteran and long-time Scotty Cameron Futura player Tom Pernice, Jr. stopped by the Putter Studio yesterday to get some time under the cameras, and to get a quick tune-up on his putters.

Tom’s a perfectionist and wanted to make sure that everything was going well with his stroke. That’s the great thing about the Putter Studio. Our cameras and high-speed video analysis take the guesswork out of looking at a player’s mechanics. The cameras see everything from setup to stroke to ball performance. Turns out that Tom is doing everything just fine. He just wanted a little peace of mind. That’s what we’re here for.

We also cleaned up his putters with some fresh paintfill and light buffing just to make everything look good again. Time on the road from event to event, and countless rounds of golf, tend to put a little wear and tear on the old putter.

Here are a couple shots from his visit. Thanks for stopping by the Blog.



14 thoughts on “Titleist Ambassador Tom Pernice, Jr.

  1. Tom has been putting awesome with his Futura. It’s great to see a non traditional styled putter in action at the highest level. A great tribute to a revolutionary design. Scotty, thanks for continuing to push the envelope to ever emerging new places.

    Gerald Gross
    Miami, Fl.

  2. Tom sounds like a great guy. It’s cool to see even the top guys stopping by for a “tune up” every now and then.

  3. Hey Scotty, other than Oberholser and Pernice, who else is using a Futura right now? Or a Newport 2 Detour?


  4. It’s great to see Tom is continuing to use his Futura with such success. I have been a great fan of both the Futura and the Detour. My putting has never been better since I made the swith to the non conformist look. I am simply amazed by the comments I receive from my playing partners about the looks of my putters until they have to reach into their pockets to pay up at the end of the day. Keep up the great working Scotty. continue to push the envelope with your future designs.


  5. Just wondering if I wished to change the appearance of my putter by removing paintfill from my Cameron which product would you recommend?

  6. I just got my Studio Design 3 back from the shop last week. I left it open to the shop to paint it, and when I got it back, it had an awesome paint scheme – accident Orange in the lettering.
    I played 45 holes over the weekend with it.
    I only wish I would have asked for an Accident Orange putter grip!

  7. Hi Tom,
    Removing paintfill and applying new is a bit tricky. I would recommend sending it to the Custom Shop rather than trying to do it yourself.
    All the best,

  8. Hi Vog,
    I can’t name players under contract with anyone other than Titleist or Cobra, but I can give you a rough idea of what’s in play. For instance, last week at the John Deere Classic, we had about 8% of the Cameron putter players using putters from the Detour and Futura families. Always nice to hear from you, Bill.
    Take care,

  9. Scotty,
    About two years, I saw a very informative article on advice for right handed players who are LEFT EYE DOMINATE. Such articles are very rare! I have this curse! I have to take an awkward stance to see down the line of any putt. I often felt that I would benefit from my Futura with a straight shaft but the putter head design (socket for the shaft) would not allow that. Many years ago, a putter manufacturer (Slotline) produced a putter called the “Onset”. The putter head was offset to the left rather than right. Great idea, poor quality.

    By now you must have heard and seen everything. Surely, I am not alone. Is there another model that you feel is better suited to a left eye dominate player than my Futura? I am in love with my Futura but have you produced another model that would allow ball placement more left of center and maintain the correct loft?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  10. Pittman,

    You may want to try the Futura Phantom Mallet 2. From my testing in the Putter Studio I have looked into eye dominance, and although I only have theories, I have found that this straight shafted setup sometimes helps left eye dominant players by reducing offset and getting the shaft closer to the leading edge of the putter face. I’m still drawing conclusions, though, so this is just a suggestion.

    All the best,

  11. Scotty,
    A personal putter recommendation from Scotty Cameron is a great honor! Needless to say, I took immediate steps to obtain a Phantom Mallet 2 and with GREAT results! It’s not the confidence that comes with a new putter. Being right handed and left eye dominate, I find this putter much easier to aim!

    I don’t fist pump. I don’t jump up and down when a “gagger” goes in. I prefer a small grin aimed directly at my golf buddies that says to them, “I knew I could make that putt and you weren’t sure I would!” I am sure you have given me an ADDITIONAL 3 grins per round. That’s huge!

    SHORT STORY: While on an indoor putting green, at a major golf equipment retailor, I was working with the Phanton Mallet 2 in 34″ and 35″, A well dressed gentleman said, “I just can’t bring myself to spend that much for a putter.” I asked, “Didn’t you spend much more for your driver?” He said, “Sure”. I responded, “Well, if you play a round of golf on a par 72 golf course exactly as the course designer intended, 25% of your strokes would be made with your putter. Your putter would be used more than any other club in your bag.” He said, “Gee, I never thought of it that way.” I decided on 35″ and proceeded to the register but as I glanced back at the putting green, He had 3 Scotty Cameron putters put aside and was stroking putts with a Red X.

    My sincere thanks again,
    Pittman Breece

  12. Hi Scotty

    My Futura has quite a few dents and dings, is there anything that can be done?, I heard that there is nothing that can be done on the aluminum heads. Also, it looks like the previous owner took it apart (or tried to) and the screws looked like they’re stripped, can I get new ones? can these be replace?



  13. Alex, it’s true that we don’t grind on aluminum, but with a full restoration in the Custom Shop we will replace the face and weight bar, and bead-blast the body. That won’t take out deep dents and/or dings, however. Stripped screws cannot be fixed, so if they truly are stripped, this putter may not be able to be repaired. Thanks for your comment.

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