Davis Love III’s 009 Prototype

I was out at the Colonial earlier this week and bumped into Titleist ambassador and long-time putter loyalist Davis Love III. Davis and I chatted about an older putter he had at home and how he wanted me to restore it. No problem, as one of my favorite guys to work with and make putters for, I said I’d be awaiting his putter.

Davis must have put a call in to his wife because he’s in the tournament right now, but in comes the putter to the Custom Shop today. I thought you might want to see some pictures of this 009 prototype I made for him in 2005. It’s obviously seen its share of greens, as it is definitely showing signs of being played. I’ll pull the shaft and get to work on this one today.

Also, I thought you might be interested to know that Davis and his son, Dru, are big-time Cameron collectors. Davis was telling me stories about how he and Dru will spend hours online looking for rare headcovers and other fun stuff. Just amazing to know that the passion for putters runs deep through all sorts of folks out there. Enjoy the pics of Davis’ putter.


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25 thoughts on “Davis Love III’s 009 Prototype

  1. Very cool to see. That is a nice piece, love the “3”.
    Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!

  2. I really hope to see the pictures of it when it is done being refurbished. I would love to really see the detail in the transformation from “gently-used” to “like new again.” Thanks a lot.

  3. When will the refurbishing be done…and I assume we will see some process and end result pictures? Thanks!

  4. Scotty…

    Please, please make the 009 available to the public! Its such a beauty that it needs to be in the hands of your public.


  5. Great pics,…… there’s nothing like putting with a 009 Prototype……Thanks for giving the lefty’s an opportunity to putt like Davis

  6. Scotty,

    Thanks for sharing the story and pictures of Davis Love’s putter. The 009 is really a thing of beauty, except for the ding on the top line. It would be great to see pictures of the 009 after restoration.


  7. This putter looks face balanced, is it? Why haven’t you offered a face balanced Newport 2 since the long neck teryllium’s of 1999?

    Thanks for all the great puters.


  8. The 009 is a fantastic improvement over the classic Newport shape that is available to customers. Is there any chance that this might come to retail any time in the future?

  9. Thanks for sharing. Surprised at the number of nicks. I wish I could play enough to wear the finish off of my SC. Keep up the blog… fun stuff.

    Mike I

  10. Hello Cameron-san.

    My name is Tomohiro.
    I live in Japan.

    I began it today and asked blog.
    It is the blog which it reaches us a little that Cameron-san thinks, to think, and is happy.

    The second piece photograph (a picture) of June 23 is splendid!

    I look forward to meeting you in Hamamatsu on June 30.

    I look forward to encountering the BULLS EYE HEAVY FLANGE 350G who asked Fukuda-san.

    Thank you.


  11. The 009 is not face-balanced. It has 1/4 toe hang to promote the arc path. As I’ve learned more in the Putter Studio with our high-speed cameras analyzing the best players in the world and their putting strokes, I’ve found that the natural putting path follows an arc. Face-balanced putters promote a straight-back/straight-through stroke, and although this is still a design preferred by some, I have based most of my design on the theory of the proper putting path following an arc. So…hope that answers your question and thanks for the interest.

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  13. Thanks for the up close and personal look at a true Tour putter. It’s refreshing to know that even the big guys on Tour use the Custom Shop’s services too!


  14. Just curious why Davis wanted the putter refurbished? Was it only for cosmetic reasons orwas it for performance reasons? I ask because I’ve got a 20 year old putter that has plenty of tiny “dings” on it. Even with all the tiny dings, I don’t believe there is a significant change in its performance. There are too many other variables on a putting green (bar marks, dirt, grain, uneven blades, etc.) that should affect a putt more than tiny dings.


  15. Davis wanted to have it returned to its pristine condition to make it a wall-hanger for his son. They’re both collectors and realized that this putter was a little bit of history. This was the first 009 I made, and I made it for Davis.

  16. Just to say can’t wait to see the DL3/009 finished – what finish did Mr Love III want on the 009?
    My Catalina is in much better condition after all these years!!! just shows you how much practice the pros do!!
    One final word, Scotty ‘You’re the man!’ keep up the great work producing the greatest putters in the world!
    Chris, Preston UK

  17. Scotty,

    Thanks for sharing this tidbit of history! I am sure that this putter means quite a lot to Davis and Dru.

    Best regards,


  18. Cameron san

    I would like to ask one question.
    I bouht the 009 putter which made for Davis Love III recently.
    COA # is A008449.
    Are specifications same as this putter?
    Thank you in advance.
    My best regards.

    Mac suzuki

  19. Scotty, that’s so cool about Davis and making this a “wall hanger” (I also like the term “trailer queen” since I’m also a car guy). Great job so far on the blog

    The Vog

  20. I am a huge DL3 fan. So much that my first son is named Davis. It’s pretty cool to get to see what he puts in the bag and how he games certain putters. The stamps are awesome and the putter is sweet. With a little work, his 009 will come back to life. Thanks for the pics.

  21. Scotty,

    Davis is a Tarheel like myself, anychance his 009 could get a Carolina Blue treatment? Maybe even a Carolina blue Studio Design grip!

  22. Scotty PLEASE DON’T make it available to the public! I love the exclusivity and rareity of the putter!

  23. does the finish on the original studio styles, the one they don’t make anymore, ever wear or anything?

  24. This is an old post, but I am curious as to what the loft and lie angles are? I have the Davis limited as my gamer and want to match it with a new Scotty. Is there any info you guys can give me to help my purchase? Thanks.

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