The Harley & Teddy Putters

What started out as an interesting story on The Cameron Collector about a young boy named Harley with an eye for Scotty Cameron putters has turned into a collective effort to get this little guy his own putter. This, in turn, initiated other acts of giving and resulted in another group effort for a kid named Teddy. You can read more about these acts of generosity here.

After checking out the various chat boards and learning more about these kids and their stories, I decided to get involved. The Cameron collecting community is made up of guys with an incredible passion for putters. It’s always amazing to me to drop in on the discussions to see what’s going on. But, it obviously goes far beyond putters. It’s about camaraderie and friendship. After reading about Harley, I had to get involved. So, I donated the Custom Shop services for the Harley and Teddy projects. I’ve had fun restoring a Newport for Harley and a Studio Design 2 for Teddy, both donated by members of the Cameron Collector community. Just finished them up today and they will be on their way to their new owners this week.

Again, it’s just awesome to see a group effort pan out like this and turning into something as cool and fun as giving a kid his very own putter.

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